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Welcome to the #1 LARGEST plate of nachos in Australia! This delicious mountain of goodness has reached national fame being featured in magazines & blogs nationwide! “Massive burritos” these babies come in at nearly 1 kg! Packed with flavours only found South of the border. Our tacos are inspired directly from the beach suburbs in Southern California and Mexico! We use homemade tortillas, with a perfect blend of paired salsas.


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Our Story

Born near the beaches in San Diego, California, comes an energetic “Modern Mexican” for everyone! In 2013, Californian Owner moved to Australia, searching for the perfect location for his Baja Inspired Restaurant. During his journey, he studied and gained access to long-standing “secret recipes,” which were never seen outside of Mexico... until now.

food truck catering

(Gold Coast Only)

Private catering in our retro food trailer 

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